With professional solutions and services, we will free your company from processing a growing number of documents. We will enable you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes in your company and thus increase competitiveness in the market.


NUPSESO, a.s. offers you the following services:

  • translations of documents and papers from and into more than 18 languages, without and with verification
  • scanning of documents, large format drawings, books, chronicles and other bound and unbound documents
  • conversion of paper documents and electronic images into editable form (OCR, ICR, OBR, OMR)
  • automated data extraction from documents:
    • structured – forms, questionnaires (printed, handwritten, check boxes, barcodes) …
    • unstructured – invoices, delivery notes, guides (printed texts) …
  • design, printing, distribution, reprinting and processing of data from forms (machine processable)

Benefits of automatic text conversion and data collection solutions from paper documents using modern technologies

  • No need to manually transcribe data to a PC, lower overhead costs
  • Reducing data entry time, speeding up the data processing process
  • Reducing the error rate and increasing the accuracy of the entered data
  • Direct export of data to the used information system
  • Quick and easy access to the required data and results
  • Ability to instantly search any document
  • Parallel digitization and archiving of documents