Do you have full shelves of folders and you have nowhere to put them?

We scan your contracts, accounting, personal materials, business documents, technical documentation, …


  • Quick access to digital documents
  • Saving space for storing folders, archive boxes
  • Further handling of document content
  • Connection of digital documents with applications (accounting, registry, trade, archive …)
  • Electronic sending of documents

What documents can be processed?

  • from business cards, A4, A3, to drawings A0 +
  • single-sided and double-sided
  • various thicknesses and materials
  • loose pages also bound
  • B&W, color

Formats and output options

pdf, pdf / a, tiff, jpg, doc, … requirements and options are consulted with the customer

Service extensions:

  • text conversion, OCR
  • data extraction
  • indexation
  • transport of documents
  • shredding unnecessary documents
  • storage in an external archive